Internet Marketing – How Long Should My Blog Posts Be?Internet Marketing – How Long Should My Blog Posts Be?

A: Ideally as long as you need them to be to get across the point or points you want to make in a clear and concise fashion.

However there are some guidelines and I have several thoughts on this:

1. You can have a blog post as short as 250 words if that is enough to get a clear message across. Also, sometimes you don’t have a lot of time and you want to be posting to your blog with some regularity and if you haven’t done so in a few days you might just take 10 minutes to hammer out a short post and get some fresh content even if it is not the greatest post in the world.blogging

2. There is debate about whether or not a long blog post is a turn off or not but the debate seems to be equally divided.

3. Most consider 500 words to be a good length for a blog post. Many of mine are longer than that even though my goal was to get 400 to 500 words focused on the topic. However, many times once I start writing and then go back and edited what I wrote I find myself expanding upon a few things for better clarification and the posts end up having another 100 or 200 words added to them

4. A lot of people, and I actually recommend this, say that if you write a 1,000 word post to break it up into two 500 words posts if at all possible and get more out of the time and energy you spent creating those 1,000 words as you now have two blog posts for the same amount of effort.

Sometimes that is not always possible. Take for example my post on Squidoo links:

Are Squidoo Links Worth The Effort?

This post ended up being very long at 1,350 words. I thought about breaking it up to focus on the linking aspect and then have a 2nd post regarding the idea of getting content up on Squidoo in order to get exposure to a new and different audience; that is people that go to Squidoo to look for information or just like to surf on that particular site.

But the actual main topic of the post was whether or not taking the time and effort to create and keep in good standing a Squidoo Lens was worth it so I felt that I needed to keep in the parts related to exposure of your content on Squidoo as this added more value to what you would get for putting your time and effort into a Squidoo Lens.

So after a minute or two of thinking I decided to leave it as one long post. I did consider that if I did break it into two posts I could always link from the post that focused on the linking question to the post that addressed the idea of getting your message out there to a new audience. Yet again for some reason I just decided to leave it as one long post.

A lot of times I start writing and after 300 or 400 words I look back and realize I have wandered off topic and actually have 2 different topics going on and in this case I separate them and focus on taking each one and working for that 400 to 500 word content - internet marketing

Final Note: For longer posts really try to use subheadings that give an outline of the blog post so someone scanning through it can find something that really catches their attention and they can read that part and maybe they will read the entire post.

I hope this gives you enough information to be able to make your own judgment as there is no real hard and fast rule.

Q: What Do I Sell On The Internet?
I wrote a blog post to answer this question (Thanks for giving me a topic to write about!) and that blog post is here:

What Do I Sell On The Internet?

Also please note this is addressed as far as the importance of choosing your target market in my “Online Marketing Training Course” email series which you can sign up for in the right hand column

Q: I know there are tons of information about SEO out there but what are a few important basics I can focus on and not spend a year learning all about SEO?
A: I’ll keep this focused on what is called ‘On Page SEO’ and The basic factors I consider most important and that I concentrate on are:

1. Keyword Phrase ONLY! In The ‘Title Tag’ That The Search Engines Read Located At The Very Top Of The Source Code

2. Keyword Phrase ONLY! In The ‘Tag’ That Appears At The End Of A Post Defined In The Source Code By: rel=”tag”

I put a tag on almost every webpage I create even if it is not a blog post. You’ll notice the tag for this webpage is ‘Online Marketing Questions’

The code I use is here and notice that I have only the ‘ rel=”tag” ‘ as some themes will combine this with the ‘category’ and I want the search engines to know the focus of this page with a very clearly defined ‘Tag’ only.

Online Marketing Questions

But understand you need to use the full code between the paragraph codes. I can’t put the code here because the browser will not show it as text but display it as a ‘Tag’ as the code tells it to do that.

3. Using The Keyword Phrase In The ‘Headline.’ This is the actual title that most people see, the title of your blog post for example is considered the headline when talking about SEO, and as close to the front as possible. You’ll notice I have a lot of headlines for my blog posts that are set up with this formula:internet marketing

Keyword Phrase: Human Appeal With Defining What The Post Is About

4. Keyword Density In The Body Of The Post. I try for a keyword density of 2% without going over. This is known as ‘SEO writing’ but it can be difficult at times to include the keyword phrase enough times to get close to 2% and not have something that becomes a very uncomfortable read.

A lot of times I’ll only have 1% or 1.3% and stay with that as I don’t want to ruin a good piece of writing.

As you mentioned in your question there is an awful lot of information out there on many different aspects of SEO but I feel you have the right approach. If you spend all your time learning everything there is to know about SEO you aren’t going to spend have much time to do an actual marketing that can begin to get you traffic to your website. You’ll be a student of SEO but will not have done anything and find you’re not getting any visitors to your website

Last thing is to keep it simple for ‘Off Page SEO’ just get as many decent backlinks as fast as possible. Thanks! Scott

P.S. I use the “All In One SEO Pack” to easily do this plus allow me to add a good meta-tag description which I considered to be very important as far as getting traffic to your website and I am planning to make a video on how to set this up and explain the how and why of using it.

Q: What the %@$%# is FTP?
A: FTP is actually simple because you only have to understand how to use a simple piece of free software. FTP stands for ‘File Transfer Protocol’ and when I first heard that I freaked went I went to look it up and understand it BUT! only you need to really know is two things:

1. An FTP program, and there are a few good ones that are free, (See #2) connects your computer to your website on the internet. This allows you to upload files, be that they are web pages, a blog theme, videos, pictures or images. etc.

You DON’T have to know how it works, the software does it for you. I am sure there are many electronic gadgets you have that you don’t really know how they work, but you know how to use them. All you have to do is use it, not learn everything there is to know about the whole process.

What you’ll see is your computer on one side and your website on the other side and you can very easily upload and download files.

2. FileZilla is the FREE FTP program that I use and I’ll have to get a video up showing the entire process from downloading and installation all the way through using it and what the various icons/functions do.

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Argument at Chicago hospital erupts into deadly shootingArgument at Chicago hospital erupts into deadly shooting

Chicago Shooting

An argument outside a Chicago hospital turned deadly when a man pulled out a gun and killed an emergency room doctor with whom he was having a domestic relationship, then ran into the hospital and fatally shot a pharmacy resident and a police officer, authorities said.

The attacker also died Monday but it was not clear if he took his own life or was killed by police at Mercy Hospital on the city’s South Side, Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said.

Chicago “lost a doctor, pharmaceutical assistant and a police officer, all going about their day, all doing what they loved,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said, fighting back tears. “This just tears at the soul of our city. It is the face and a consequence of evil.”

Mercy Hospital said the staff who died were Tamara O’Neal, 38, an emergency room physician who never worked on Sunday because of her religious faith, and Dayna Less, 25, a first year pharmacy resident who had recently graduated from Purdue University.

The slain officer was identified as Samuel Jimenez, 28, who joined the department in February 2017 and had recently completed his probationary period, Johnson said. Police said he was married and the father of three children.

The identity of the gunman was not immediately released.

Chicago police officers and firefighters participated in a procession in honor of fallen Officer Samuel Jimenez, who was killed in the shooting at Mercy Hospital on Monday. (Nov. 20)

The chain of events that led to the shooting began with an argument in the hospital parking lot involving the gunman and O’Neal, police said.

When a friend of O’Neal tried to intervene, “the offender lifted up his shirt and displayed a handgun,” Johnson said.

The friend ran into the hospital to call for help, and the gunfire began seconds later, with the attacker killing O’Neal.

After O’Neal fell to the ground, the gunman “stood over her and shot her three more times,” a witness named James Gray told reporters.

When officers arrived, the suspect fired at their squad car and then ran inside the hospital. The police gave chase.

Inside the medical center, the gunman exchanged fire with officers and “shot a poor woman who just came off the elevator” before he was killed, Johnson said, referring to pharmaceutical assistant Less.

“We just don’t know how much damage he was prepared to do,” Johnson said, adding that Less “had nothing to do with nothing.”

Jennifer Eldridge was working in a hospital pharmacy when she heard three or four shots that seemed to come from outside. Within seconds, she barricaded the door, as called for in the building’s active shooter drills. Then there were six or seven more shots that sounded much closer, just outside the door.

“I could tell he was now inside the lobby. There was screaming,” she recalled.

The door jiggled, which Eldridge believed was the shooter trying to get in. Some 15 minutes later, she estimated, a SWAT team officer knocked at the door, came inside and led her away. She looked down and saw blood on the floor but no bodies.

“It may have been 15 minutes, but it seemed like an eternity,” she said.

Maria Correa hid under a desk, clutching her 4-month-old son, Angel, while the violence unfolded. Correa was in the waiting area of the hospital for her mother-in-law’s doctor appointment when a hospital employee told them to lock themselves in offices.

She lost track of how many shots she heard while under the desk “trying to protect her son” for 10 to 15 minutes.

“They were the worst minutes of our lives,” Correa said.

The death of Jimenez comes nine months after another member of the Chicago Police Department, Cmdr. Paul Bauer, was fatally shot while pursuing a suspect in the Loop business district.

Rangers hire Rangel as pitching coachRangers hire Rangel as pitching coach

julio ranger

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) Julio Rangel has been hired by the Texas Rangers as pitching coach for new manager Chris Woodward.

Rangel will be with a big league staff for the first time after 12 years as a pitching instructor and coordinator at the minor league level with the San Francisco Giants and Cleveland Indians.

With Rangel’s hiring Friday, the Rangers have filled six spots on Woodward’s staff.

Rangel, 43, was minor league pitching coordinator for the Giants this year, his only season in the San Francisco organization. He spent the previous 11 seasons in the Indians organization, including a stint as the interim pitching coach at Triple-A Columbus in 2012.

The Panama native was signed by the New York Yankees as a 17-year-old in 1993 and spent his entire seven-year professional career in the Yankees farm system. He reached as high as Double-A during his last season in 2000.

The Rangers earlier this week named Luis Ortiz as a first-time hitting coach. Ortiz last season was assistant hitting coach with the NL champion Los Angeles Dodgers, where Woodward was the third base coach.

There are three assistants returning who were on former manager Jeff Banister’s staff, with bench coach Don Wakamatsu, third base coach Tony Beasley and first base coach Hector Ortiz, who had been in that role before being the bullpen coach last season.

Jayce Tingler, in the organization since 2007, will be the major league player development field coordinator.

The Rangers still likely will hire a bullpen coach and an assistant hitting coach to fill out their big league staff.

The contracts of pitching coach Doug Brocail and assistant pitching coach Dan Warthen weren’t renewed. Steve Buechele, who was the first base coach last season, will be a special assistant in baseball operations to assist at the major and minor league levels.